Energy is vital for all kinds of life. Without energy, no organism would be able to live. There are many ways that different kinds of living organisms acquire energy, from absorbing it directly from sunlight to eating many kinds of food. Inside humans, every individual cell is almost like a tiny individual organism with its own energy needs. 

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Medical researchers are interested in CoQ10, particularly the version of CoQ10 called ubiquinol, and its ability to help prevent many age-related diseases as well as promote health as we age. It has since become more mainstream as many people discovered its ability to increase energy levels for daily activities, not just extreme levels of activity.

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antioxidants and coq10

Antioxidants are part of the body's defensive system against damaging molecules called free radicals. Formed when oxygen interacts with various compounds, these molecules have an unbalanced chemical structure, lacking one electron. In order to reach balance, free radicals need to acquire one electron. 

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Ubiquinol is one version of the nutrient called Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10. This chemical helps cells to gain needed energy by bringing oxygen into cells and depositing it in the mitochondria, which manufactures energy for the cell.  Without oxygen, our cells die, which is why we can’t stop breathing for more than a couple of minute without getting into serious trouble.  If we had no CoQ10 in our bodies, oxygen would not get into our cells, and we would die. CoQ10 is a chemical that can become oxidized, meaning that it can exist in slightly different chemical forms.  The most active of these forms is ubiquinol.  It is ubiquinol that is able to link up with oxygen molecules and bring them inside cells.  At the other end of the CoQ10 scale is ubiquinone, which is the least active.  Ubiquinone needs to be transformed into ubiquinol before the body can use it for oxygen transport, a process that happens naturally inside the body all the time.

As we age, the levels of CoQ10 in our bodies can drop because the ability of our bodies to create ubiquinol slows down over time.  To stay healthy and keep lots of energy in our cells, a ubiquinol supplement can be a big help.  If you want to have more energy and maintain your health throughout your life, consider adding a ubiquinol supplement to give the cells in your body the critical energy they need to keep you healthy and strong.

Ubiquinol is essential for hearth health because it provides cellular energy to the heart, the organ that requires the most energy to perform at an optimal level. Visit http://ubiquinol.org to learn more.